Background – Sketches

Just one of the ideas I had for this project, I will post the others up later.

Research Phase – Backgrounds

Some artists from dA that believe do amazing background work! ill link them all in a bit, to busy designing backgrounds for this next assignment WOOO CONCEPT ART!

Character, Side-kick, and Vehicle – Sketches

This is the current character I am working on her named is Gyption. In this projects I have to make a Character, Side-kick, and a Vehicle. The fun part about this character is her side-kick is also her Vehicle, once more progress is posted later today I you’ll understand some more.

This is a small part of my Turn-around for Gyption it is a full body, but I didn’t want to reveal it all just yet so here is  a small sample.

As you can see I am working very hard.

Raven – Final Piece

Chinese Zodiac Ying/Yang – Ideation

These are my silhouette designs of my Boar character. some Ying some Yang, mostly the Yang side, which the Yang MUST be a Human so, ill update with some Boar/Animal ones for the Ying and elaborate more on the story/character.

Self Portrait

Shape your Face Assignment~

Well this is my first assingment for my “Character and Environments” course. Its just a simple exercise that I think I need a lot more work on because quite frankly I could be a lot better at it. I am not bad at it sometimes, but I’m stuck in that head formula and I should explore.

So this is my first practice set I will play with things like these more this year I think it will help me build up some more diverse characters in my stories. I love to design characters so this is something that is a key ability to have.

Ill post up my Self-portrait later tonight.


Finally I got time to put up a running blog for my art!

Well this is mainly only got made because of my “Characters and Environments” course, but I will use this for some other things too.

I will be posting up my assignments fairly soon.

that’s it for now.