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I am going to be reorganizing  this blog or possibly moving it for a 3rd and hopefully final time. I will post the link on here and I will continue to use my blog for character sketches and ideation work.

no art has been posted to my dA account for quite some time I have to finish a Contest comic for my contestants and once that is all said and done I will also be revamping my deviantART account as well.

This blog should be re-done within the new few days.


Pitch Bible – Progress

Just some concept art of the interior of some rooms and Ideation sketches. Then below are some final designs of the main character/supporting. They will be colored and the rest will be done this week/weekend and should be finished.


Pitch Bible – Progress

Pitch Bible – Ideation Sketches

Pitch Bible – Ideation Sketches

These are just some ideas/concepts for cloths. I am trying not to be super complicated with design, but I want to be unique at the same time kind of hard to balance that, I will add to this post as I progress more.

Pitch Bible – Summary

Andrew Stewart Messa-Rain© All Rights Reserved.
(Story is copyrighted do not steal!)
AUDIENCE: Age 13+ | TV SERIES – Adult Swim, or other less childish station.

Background Information: The World is now set upon continents in the sky that are mobilized from lower continents. The Higher Continents are called Skyports which house countries like The United States, England, Germany, etc. The lower ports are unrecognizable landmasses with Dictatorships, Tows Villages, Kings, Queens, etc. The world follows a different laws of physics were a humans energy can be made tangible, each families genetics allows for a different and more unique ability.

Summary: In the year 201x the story opens with a average 18 year old male name Hiro. He lives in the United States and a normal earth like world, but altered as if life has taken a different turn of events.  Hiro encounters a life changing event that causes him to doubt the local authorities. He goes to investigate them until he becomes tied in everything and somehow is in-listed right out of High School. He ends up starting to realize something is wrong and starts to dig more to try and find the secrets that lie deeper.

Pitch Bible – Research

Pitch Bible

more to come ;D


Background – Sketches

Just one of the ideas I had for this project, I will post the others up later.

Research Phase – Backgrounds

Some artists from dA that believe do amazing background work! ill link them all in a bit, to busy designing backgrounds for this next assignment WOOO CONCEPT ART!