3 Styles – Research

This is the Research for my first assignment in Characters and Environments.

First off we were assigned a Job and we had to look’em up. I got the “Garbage Man” sounds like some fun! I also had to draw my character in 3 different artist styles. I am doing 1 of my own and 2 different ones possibly from my example sheet below.

Images Above do not belong to me. (Artists: Laro, Pokefreak, Tyson Hesse, and Jackie Chan Adventures.)


Self Portrait

Shape your Face Assignment~

Well this is my first assingment for my “Character and Environments” course. Its just a simple exercise that I think I need a lot more work on because quite frankly I could be a lot better at it. I am not bad at it sometimes, but I’m stuck in that head formula and I should explore.

So this is my first practice set I will play with things like these more this year I think it will help me build up some more diverse characters in my stories. I love to design characters so this is something that is a key ability to have.

Ill post up my Self-portrait later tonight.


Finally I got time to put up a running blog for my art!

Well this is mainly only got made because of my “Characters and Environments” course, but I will use this for some other things too.

I will be posting up my assignments fairly soon.

that’s it for now.


Woke up with Revenge by =Hakkido on deviantART


>The ARTIST ALLIANCE will be a group that is made up for 8 Artists on DeviantArt that all know each other in a personal form. 4 of them know each other and the other 4 know each other. Then they will all become a ALLIANCE. That is not the name of the GROUP that will form on DA, but it is going to be a magical place for us unknown but talented artists to get our names out there.

More info on it will be released here, but it will appear in my Journal on DA when it is up and running.


>EXA – NOTES: 01

>I have added a entry to my
Experimental Animation page so go check it out!

>Hakkido on DA

L9OVE – Hanate and Nana. by =Hakkido on deviantART

This is my most recent deviation on DeviantART once in a while I will post up some main Deviations to this page to keep you all in tune with myself on that site and viseversa for this one.



as most of you know I started the 7 Deadly sins project, unfortunately my schedule with school has returned and I have other projects on DA to attend to such as paid commission and the finalie of the BIG6 OCT. So I will return to this project another day sorry to disappoint the people whom were apart of it.