Project Version.

Unedited version.(Original.)

This is the final version of Gyption the only thing I wasn’t able to finish was the Vehicle i will get that in due time.

Just some bigger versions of Gyption and Makku’s turn-arounds.


Character, Side-kick, and Vehicle – Sketches

This is the current character I am working on her named is Gyption. In this projects I have to make a Character, Side-kick, and a Vehicle. The fun part about this character is her side-kick is also her Vehicle, once more progress is posted later today I you’ll understand some more.

This is a small part of my Turn-around for Gyption it is a full body, but I didn’t want to reveal it all just yet so here is  a small sample.

As you can see I am working very hard.

Raven – Final Piece

Raven – Sketches/Research

I’m not to “into” this whole assignment >3> I guess I just couldn’t poop out any good ideas this time.

Bo/Boar – Zodiac

I will edit this later had to rush it done for class it feels way to open in space n junk TT^TT

Chinese Zodiac Ying/Yang – Ideation

These are my silhouette designs of my Boar character. some Ying some Yang, mostly the Yang side, which the Yang MUST be a Human so, ill update with some Boar/Animal ones for the Ying and elaborate more on the story/character.

Chinese Zodiac Ying/Yang – Research

Artists above: Hamsterfly, elsevilla, jisuk, Phobs, Minyi, loish

I will be looking up a few more style and will post them up later. I’ve noticed most Boars are dark themed. It was recommended that it should be a good character so I am going to see how I can take these dark looks, but maybe make the boar more normal.

3 Styles

3 Styles – WIP

Here is just a WIP of one of the styles I am doing. I am doing Less outlines and were there is lines it is a darker tone instead of black lines. Ill post up the other 2 later.


3 Styles – Ideation Phase

Here are some rough sketches of a face that I was trying to fit my Garbage-man’s personality. I won’t say much about who he is right now until he is done. I will post up a Work in Progress (W.I.P.) later tonight.

I have finally chosen the 3 types of styles I will draw him in something like the Realistic Images from my last post done by a Artist who goes by the name Pokefreak and a Alterd version of Larso‘s style. The final one will be my own which you see above.